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Where Every Bite is a Taste of Joy!

Welcome to The Mustard Seed Cafe, where culinary delights await. From artisanal coffee to savory dishes and pastries, we're dedicated to crafting exceptional flavors. We thank you for choosing The Mustard Seed Cafe as your destination for memorable tastes.

Daily Quiche Delights

Our quiches have achieved remarkable popularity, adored by both our regular customers and newcomers alike. Baked fresh daily, they are the epitome of flavor and freshness. Whether you prefer to enjoy them by the slice, as a pair, or a trio, their versatility suits any dining scenario. You can also take the experience home with whole quiches, and we offer made-to-order breakfast quiches with just a 24-hour notice.

Our flavor selection includes enticing options like Cranberry Chicken, Chicken Fajita, Tomato Pie, Spinach, and Tomato, Bacon, Spinach, ensuring there's a quiche to suit every taste.

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